The light house Latina

The building is light, the materials are natural, recycled, recyclable, dry assembled, easily removable

The building is in line with the Itri competition requirements. It consists of four floors above ground level with an east-west axis and it was positioned to the north of the site, allowing for a larger green area facing the South. The entrance to the building is enhanced by a pedestrian path cutting vertically across the green.  To the front of the building lodges have been established, they open onto a view of the surrounding hills. They were designed to reduce the impact of the prism structure: they are an open space of one or more floors that can extend the length of the building. These open spaces, for private or collective use, are protected and shaded by wooden sunscreens. The front of the building is characterized by a formal and orderly appearance. It has large windows with L shaped shading and sliding wooden shutters. At the back of the building open spaces have been created by the presence of horizontal balconies. The residential tower faces south with large balconies that are screened by shading, green climbing plants and solar greenhouses. The other facades are accentuated by balconies, ventilated with strong material characteristics and openings that were designed with simplicity according to the lighting needs of the residential spaces.  The building does not impose on the surrounding environment, the materials chosen were natural materials readily available on site, recycled, recyclable, dry assembled and therefore easily removed and reused.

  • year : 2009
  • structure : Steal + wood
  • client : Public
  • state : Competition public
  • location : Latina


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