Urban Redevelopment Como

New structures in relation with historical traces.

The area related to the concourse is Marino Comense, an ancient village with infrastructural links to Milan - Seregno – Cantù. Our proposed project aims to reestablish the link between history and urban cosmopolitanism. The positioning of the new buildings was influenced by two factors: firstly aiming to maintain and respect existing structures, especially buildings that are part of the noble city, such as Villa Sormani and Villa Comunale, and secondly, meeting bioclimatic requirements. The structures pay particular attention to the historical architecture of the era. To highlight the identity of the urban villas, still visible in the urban area, it was thought to reconnect the various parts of locality through a elaboration of maps of based on registers and references the main, which was thought to be the only way to pay tribute to the traces left by the urban villas.

  • year : 2007
  • structure : Conventional
  • client : Public
  • state : Competition
  • location : Como


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