Contemporary quality architecture

Bio-ecological, sustainable or bio-architecture? In our opinion the hearth of the matter is just making contemporary architecture.

In the ten-year career of Studio Ecoarch, we designed our buildings linking a strong formal and compositive research to a deep sensitivity for natural materials, always looking at the latest innovations in building technology.

We think that sustainable architecture finds its main expression in wooden construction. Wood architecture is experimenting a new life and we think it will be part of a more sustainable, beautiful and rightful world.

We can push the performances of our buildings to passive house standards featuring strong isolation walls, geothermic plants, heath pumps, photovoltaic systems, solar panels, greenhouses, green roofs and sun shading systems.

A self-sufficient, zero emission home is the best investment for our families and for the environment.


Mauro Rivolta
Davide Ferrari
Alessandro Cremona


Alessandro Contavalli
Stefania Mirandola
Cristina Mazzucchelli
Sonia Filippini
Lisa Colombo
Fulvio Miatello
Fabio Vanerio
Daniela Galvani
Nicola De Giovanni