Our idea of architecture is not commited to a stylistic approach. We move from the desire of simplicity, light, heat, closeness to nature: a few, beautiful things.

We think that the space where we live and work should have a strong relation with the environment: freedom of movement, long perspectives, fluidity between inside and outside. We look at the building as something that can bring us intense sensations: an extension of our body, a second skin, a healthy place where you can find yourself.

Studio Ecoarch gathers experience, know-how, creativity and research. Our work is based on an expert management of all design processes and a severe budget control in order to satisfy the different needs architecture must express.

We think that the way to quality in architecture depends on the continuity of design development and on an intensive dialogue with customers, developers and users.

We work together to get the highest synthesis between function and beauty. We design for living.


Mauro Rivolta
Davide Ferrari
Alessandro Cremona


Alessandro Contavalli
Stefania Mirandola
Cristina Mazzucchelli
Sonia Filippini
Lisa Colombo
Fulvio Miatello
Fabio Vanerio
Daniela Galvani
Nicola De Giovanni